Pool Inspector App

Pool Inspector App

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Pool Inspector is used globally by Pool Safety, Maintenance and Inspection businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes and increase the professionalism and timeliness of their reporting.

The smart forms are designed to complement your company's enterprise mobility management needs and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce.

We have harnessed the capability of Apps, the power of the Cloud, and the mobility of smart phones and tablets to deliver paperless solutions and mobile forms that save time and money and improve the workflow of businesses across more than 80 industries globally. We can’t wait to help you too.

"Pool Inspector App works perfectly. The Reports automatically generated are great and compliant for our local government requirements. Outstanding!"

Pool Inspector, Sydney NSW Australia

Some companies in Australia have adopted the BYOD practice and now have policies in place to cover all types of situations, particularly, to protect the privacy and security of the users and their companies. iPhone Forms make it easier for field agents to open, edit, and update company reports as they can access these documents in real time. Monitoring is made easy too because business owners and managers can track the reports from start to finish, including changes made along the way.

"We really love it. It saves us so much time and generates the reports required by the Queensland Government. The Job Dispatcher, Resource Centre, and Management Portal are fantastic! Highly recommended."

Pool Inspection Owner, Queensland, Australia

The Pool Inspector App lets you:

  1. Work Remotely

  2. Create Compliant Reports

  3. Generate Location-based Reports & Invoices

  4. Save Time

  5. Store Files in a Secure Location

  6. Manage Documents in Resources e-Library

Pool Inspector App: The Leading App for the Pool Safety Industry

Whether it’s a hotel or home pool we’re talking about, pool safety is a concern we all share. Pool Inspector App is a new, easy-to-use app made especially to ensure pool safety compliance for commercial or residential pool owners worldwide. With this pool inspection app, you can improve pool regulatory standard and process compliance, timeliness, and accurateness of reporting faster than ever before.

Designed for optimum use at any scenario possible, this pool inspection software can be utilized without being online. You don’t have to worry about being in a remote area without an internet connection since you can still submit your reports on time; thus eliminating hassles and ensuring full compliance to pool safety regulations wherever you are.

Hassle-free implementation of pool inspection solutions is guaranteed with the seamless report and comprehensive checklist forms of this app. The home page module is easy to operate and allows users to generate beautifully prepared checklists. With this app, it is possible to complete inspection on site and send a comprehensive report instantly. You can use the standard forms, add your findings, hit submit and your client receives the report without you ever leaving the site.

You can also opt for a more intensive review of your report after completing on-site pool inspection, and you can do this by securing your inspection data in Management Portal, a safe environment to secure and store documents, photos, and reports. With this feature, this swimming pool inspection software ensures compliance by storing all your data in one safe place; making it so simple to use while saving your time as well.

Having access to important documents such as Pool Safety Standards, Emergency Preparation, Safe Work Methods among others is also vital to prevent instances of pool drowning. This pool safety software responds to this need with the Resources E-Library, which allows you to store latest versions of these important documents. Built with these highly-customizable features and excellent integration qualities, this pool inspection app ensures an improved standard and process compliance as well as timely reporting by having all relevant data easily manageable in one place.

Pool Inspector App is powered by Cloud and compatible with Smartphones and tablets utilizing Apple, Android, and Windows 8 services. Clear-cut checklists and seamless navigation features make this app sought after by pool safety, maintenance, and inspection business worldwide.

With Pool Inspector App, commercial owners are given a tool for an overall better management of pool safety systems while home pool owners are given a hassle-free solution to make their pools as safe as possible.

More information:

Pool Inspector App helps improve business productivity with integrated features designed to make reports more accessible and user friendly. Using paperless forms that you and your mobile workforce can access anytime, anywhere, you can track the progress of your field agents and monitor every area of your business in real time. (url: http://poolinspectorapp.com/pool-inspector-app)

Pool Inspection App provides accurate reporting capabilities right at your fingertips with smart forms that you can assign, edit, and update in real time. Track the progress of your mobile workforce from start to finish as they populate the mobile forms using the pool inspector app anytime, anywhere. (url: http://poolinspectorapp.com/pool-inspection-app)

Pool Inspection Software takes the load off your shoulders and gives your mobile workforce more time to spend with your customers. Going paperless removes unwanted expenses such as printing costs, ink, toner, and paper and lets you save the environment too. (url: http://poolinspectorapp.com/pool-inspection-software)

Pool Inspection Solutions improve business processes and general workflow as features integrated into your paperless forms make reporting so much easier. Your mobile workforce can focus on what truly matters - customer service with heart - as they spend more time meeting your customers’ needs and less time preparing written reports. (url: http://poolinspectorapp.com/pool-inspection-solutions)

Swimming Pool Inspection Software lets you and your mobile workforce input your findings as accurately as possible depending on the area you are checking. Using smart forms that changes as new answers are uploaded in real time, you can generate customised paperless reports that contain your current data wherever, whenever. (url: http://poolinspectorapp.com/swimming-pool-inspection-software)


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