Food Safety App

Food Safety App

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Food Safety App is used globally by Commercial Kitchen owners and managers looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes, and improve the professionalism of their reporting.

Our smart forms are designed to complement your company's enterprise mobility management needs and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce.

We have harnessed the capability of Apps, the power of the Cloud, and the mobility of smart phones and tablets to deliver paperless solutions and mobile forms that save time and money and improve the workflow of businesses across more than 80 industries globally. We can’t wait to help you too.

"Every single commercial kitchen in the world should be using this App"

Head Chef, Echo Group, Australia

Some companies in Australia have adopted the BYOD practice and now have policies in place to cover all types of situations, particularly, to protect the privacy and security of the users and their companies. iPhone Forms make it easier for field agents to open, edit, and update company reports as they can access these documents in real time. Monitoring is made easy too because business owners and managers can track the reports from start to finish, including changes made along the way.

"As a Food Safety and Facilities Management tool, this is a great solution. The App is simple to use and the Management Portal Dashboard delivers all the reporting and communication tools we need. Thoroughly recommended"

IT Manager, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia

The Food Safety App lets you:

  1. Work with or without Internet Connection

  2. Deliver Compliant Report

  3. Generate the Right Reports

  4. Dispatch Jobs to Your Mobile Workforce

  5. Manage Documents in a Safe Environment

  6. Control Documents in Resources e-Library

The Most Promising App or the Food Safety Industry

Food Safety App is an innovative, user-friendly app specially built for commercial kitchen owners in the food safety industry worldwide. Now, kitchen owners and managers can improve business productivity, process compliance, workforce efficiency, and timely reporting the paperless way!

The app could greatly increase company productivity since this is designed to complement food safety systems held by commercial kitchen owners, and you can do this without being online. All web-based solutions are likely to become obsolete as this commercial kitchen software works perfectly in remote areas with or without an internet connection.

Food monitoring solutions can be easily implemented since generating the right reports has never been more seamless. With its user-friendly home page module, you can instantly choose which among its pre-filled forms to use to dispatch jobs and tasks across your mobile workforce. Process compliance is also enhanced through Management Portal, a safe environment to secure and store documents, photos, and reports.

This app also features food safety courses which enable managers to facilitate and improve business workflow. With an impressive array of streamlined forms and features such as Food Safety, Hot Work Permits, High Risk Food Monitoring, Cook Hot Boxes Monitoring, Stand Alone Fridge Freezer Monitoring, Cold/Buffet/Display Monitoring, Discard Record and Waste Management, Risk Assessments, and lots of other well-structured forms, it guarantees accessibility and fluidity of use that will likely yield to the most promising outputs.

It also has Resources E-Library, which allows you to store all latest documentation. It allows all app users instant access documents such as Safe Work Method Statement, Company Policies, Promotional Literature, Standards among others, all in their latest versions. Aside from that, it also allows you to make use of Standard Reports to avoid redundant entry of data. Or if these won’t suffice, it can build your own report for you, thus saving you time and effort by using these services. Reporting has never been easier with the app’s simple and highly-customisable features, making it one of the best medium to implement food safety systems anywhere in the market.

Not only will you ensure food safety in your businesses, but you can do so while helping the environment. Eliminate the piles of paperwork cluttering your workspace with this “business to business” paperless app. Built with top-notch integration capabilities, this is perfect for businesses with field-based activities as it enables real-time monitoring, accurate reporting, secure management and document storage, and ensures an overall level of management and control not previously possible with any app before.

Powered by Cloud, Food Safety App is compatible with mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets utilising Apple, Android, and Windows 8 services. Innovative and with clear-cut, high-utility features, this mobile app has played a huge role in creating a positive impact to companies from over 80 industries worldwide.

Food Safety App gives you the power to ensure food safety is sustained in your businesses right at your fingertips.

More information:

Food Safety App makes reporting easy and mistake-free with smart forms that develop their own direction as responses are provided. Monitor your mobile workforce as you track their progress from start to finish using paperless forms that they can access and update anytime, anywhere. (url:

Food Safety lets you check every area of your business and document your progress. This ensures that you will always be in compliance with food safety regulations and have the documentation to prove it. Going paperless means faster and cheaper data gathering as you can use mobile forms that are user-friendly and cost less than a postage stamp each. (url:

Food Monitoring Solutions improve professionalism of reporting and ensure compliance of business processes with paperless reports that you can dispatch to your mobile workforce wherever they are. No more printouts, wasted paper, ink, or toner. Save time, money, and effort and save the environment too. (url:

Food Processing Software lets you take care of all reporting tasks in one place using paperless forms that you and your mobile workforce can access anytime, anywhere. Simply update your mobile forms and generate paperless reports instantly. (url:

Food Quality Management Software lets you keep track of your field agents using mobile forms that let you do performance checks from miles away. Assign new jobs and watch as your mobile workforce update smart forms in real time so you will always be in the loop, even if you’re at the office or at home. (url:


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